Spring, Summer 2013 Hair Trends

Women’s Hairstyles


The braid is making a comeback! More ombre and colored tresses, as well as shorter styles continuing  to dominate the beauty world!

From the pixie cut to the short cropped and angled bob, shorter styles are definitely having a moment!

If you are trying to get a shorter look for Spring or Summer of 2013, Now is the perfect time to do so! Just make sure your look is achieved and styled by a professional for optimum results!

Shorter styles can also work wonders for any age bracket. They can help older women appear more youthful and take years off your over all appearance. They can also help someone whose younger appear a bit older and more polished. This creates a win, win situation for women of all ages.


Not a fan of short hair? There are still plenty of hair trends!


From easy updo’s to chic braids, summery wet- looking style to textured evening hair, you take your pick!


  • The Center Part

    center part





The center part is in and the half tucked hairstyle lets you do that. It will give you the option to show some of the many ear accessories available on the market!


  • The Side Part

    side-part hairstyle



The side parted hairstyle is not only 2013’s statement parting; it’s also its universal one! Wear it left, right up, down, wet or dry!


While working it with everything from an androgynous edge through a 60’s inspired one, the deep side part is advised for longer hair.

  • Undone Updo’s:

    undone updo's


There’s something sexy about hair being a little “undone.”  Sleek, straight and other done hairstyles can have a tendency to look uptight, as opposed to a hairstyle that’s on the messy side.

  • The Fringe/ Bangs



Fringe is a go to trend for 2013 and its still best worn in the following ways:

  • With a messy textured, Neo-Bohemian, grungy edge, “Indie-Fringe”.
  • With an aura of the 60’s sex-kitten nonchalance. Think of Francoise Hardy  or Jane
  • Swept haphazard with a little peek-a-boo. Think of Bridget Bardot.


  • Low Textured Ponytail and Textured side Ponytail

    low textured ponytail, textured side ponytail




Low ponytails have been dominating for 2013, Beautiful and feminine; it’s involved without being complicated and dressy without being too much.



  • Rock and Roll Waves

    rock and roll waves


Messy waves are a must when it comes to curling your hair this summer. Rich product is essential for this look.


  • The Bob

    the bob


In 2013 The Bob hairstyles are making their mark! Appearing in chin length, fringed versions, as well as longer bobs that brush the shoulder. The Bob is back in versatile and modern ways!


Men’s Hairstyles


  • The Undercut

    men's undercut


That look in particular though is a slicked back undercut that relies just as much on its styling as it does its cut.




  • Rock-a-Billy Hairstyles


It may have been the trend for 2 years already, but that hasn’t stopped this mid- 20th century rock hairstyle from 2013s best new hair style! This can be cut with an asymmetrical feel to it. Very important to show the right texture for this look!


  • Brit-Rock Indie Hairstyle

Inspired by many British Indie bands, 2013’s Brit-Rock Indie Hairstyle oozes kicked back and relaxed! It has only one rule: Sweep the hair forwards. Good for straight hair, Wavy hair, and Curly Hair.


  • Men’s Quiff

    men's quiff


Think of James Dean as well as Elvis. That is precisely what the Quiff is about! The look sits between the moody and Broody.


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