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Blow dry bars are gaining popularity across the U.S. With celebrities like Julia Roberts and Cindy Crawford regularly frequenting blow dry salons in LA, this trend of weekly or bi-weekly shampoo and blowout sessions is only going to rise. Jean Philippe’s Dallas stylists know that a perfect blowout leaves hair silky and smooth – and the beautiful shine and volume give you a boost of confidence, giving them the title of the best precision blowout in Dallas.

Your blow dry session begins with a shampoo and wash using cool water to improve your hair shine and reduce frizz. Using a collection of the very best in anti-frizz and styling product, your stylist will massage your hair and dry it in sections. For extra volume and bounce, he or she may choose to use velcro rollers. Once your hair is completely dry, you remove the rollers and then mist your hair with aerosol hairspray to help seal in smoothness.

The resulting look is both glamorous and long-lasting. With modest pricing, blow dry bars great to visit on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Jean Philippe is in the business of making you look your best, and a professional blowout does just that.

Your imagination is the limit at Jean Philippe’s Dallas hair salon.

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